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Dubai plans to build the largest WET plant in the world

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The Government of Dubai has announced it plans to build the largest WET power plant in the world.

These plants burn waste in a controlled environment, using the resulting heat to power a turbine that produces electricity.

The WET power plant will handle as much as two million tons of solid waste yearly. That’s around 60 percent of the trash Dubai produces in a year. With a 185 megawatt (MW) capacity, the plant will generate power for around 120,000 homes.

Dubai will raise the waste-to-energy plant on five acres of land, and will partner with Switzerland-based waste-to-energy technology company Hitachi Zosen Inova and Belgian construction company BESIX on the project.

While this facilities do emit a significant amount of CO2 in the process, these plants are far less polluting than landfills where waste decomposes slowly releasing methane, a greenhouse gas much more powerful than carbon dioxide.

However, Dubai isn’t the only one considering to reduce the carbon footprints. A hybrid power plant, utilizing municipal waste and solar energy is already planned to be installed in the city of Shenzhen, China, which is expected to treat 5,000 tons of waste every day in return to electricity.