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Google Clips – camera that automatically captures best moments

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google clips камера

Google Clips – Camera that captures best moments with machine learning technology.

The camera capture intimate moments that you aren’t able to get on your own. According to Google, the camera uses artificial intelligence to automatically recognizes moments that would make for great photos by learning the faces of people you’re always with, detecting certain movements. This means genuine, spontaneous photos and videos of sincere moments.

You can export the recordings as video, photos, or GIFs. Google Clips can get about 3 hours of recording in before you have to charge it in again. It has a 130-degree view, 12-megapixel camera and the internal memory is 16 GB.

Google assures everyone that there are no privacy issues with this device — a light up front blinks when the camera is on record mode and its clips are not recorded with sound. Also, no clips are uploaded to the cloud automatically unless you decide they’re good enough to save on there.

You can get Google Clips for $249 at the Google Store.