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Smart traffic lights that will collect traffic data

паметни семафори

Smart traffic lights that will collect traffic data

Over the next few years, around 1,200 traffic lights across Vienna will be equipped with 10,000 sensors, which will collect data on traffic, the environment and weather conditions. The traffic lights will use Internet and have a constant power supply. They will communicate with each other, but they will also send important information to smartphones […]

lite phone 2

Anti-smartphone for those who want to rest from social networks

Lite Phone 2 is an “anti-smartphone” created by the American company Lite. The phone with a size of a credit card, does not have access to the Internet and other conveniences that other smartphones have. Lite Phone 2 is with more features than its predecessor. Some of the enhanced features are an alarm, a larger […]

автономен автомобил убер uber

Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian

An Uber self-driving car hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Tempe, Arizona.  The accident happened on March 19 in Tempe, Arizona, and the woman died in hospital from the injuries. This is the first time a pedestrian has suffered in an accident caused by an autonomous car. Police said the car was […]

Falcon Heavy

An inspiring trailer for the launch of Falcon Heavy

Participants at the South by Southwest (SXSW), conference held in Austin, Texas each year, attended an unannounced appearance by Elon Mask, founder of Tesla and SpaceX. He appeared as an unannounced guest at the lecture by Jonathan Nolan, the author of HBO’s “Westworld” series. Mask in a conversation at the conference said that SpaceX will be able […]

michelin гуми gumi

Michelin is the most valuable tire manufacturer in the world

According to Brand Finance, Michelin, with $ 7.93 billion, is the most valuable tire manufacturer in the world. Bridgestone (last year’s leader) with 6,992 and Continental with 4,756 billion dollars, are entering the top three. The top 10 of the world’s most valuable tire manufacturers include Goodyear with 2.175 billion dollars, Dunlop with 1.984 billion, […]

solar солар

New solar panels that collect energy from the rain drops

A team of Chinese engineers have created a new hybrid solar panel that can also harvest energy from raindrops. This new technology takes advantage of the triboelectric effect, wherein certain materials exhibit an electrical charge after coming into contact with a different material. The key part of the system is a triboelectric nanogenerator, a device that […]

читање мисли, mind reading

Scientists from Canada have developed a system for reading minds

Neuroscientists at Canada’s University of Toronto Scarborough are using A.I. for reconstructing images based on brain perception using data gathered by electroencephalography. During the research, the participants were connected to an electroencephalogram, and various faces were displayed on the screen. Meanwhile their brain activity was filmed, and then analyzed using algorithms for machine learning. The […]

робот Flippy

Robot began to cook hamburgers in a restaurant

Robot, named Flippy, began working at a restaurant in Pasadena, Los Angeles, and is the first robot to replace a worker at a fast-food restaurant in the United States.  Beginning Monday, an employee of the CaliBurger restaurant prepares burgers, spices and puts them in a tray for Flippy. Flippy then places them on the grill, […]


Home appliances that use energy when turned off

It’s no surprise that electronic appliances use electricity when they’re on. What may come as a surprise, however, is that all of our devices continue to use electricity when they’re switched off. In fact, up to 10% of your electric bill is spent on appliances while they’re not even being used. In addition, we distinguish […]


PhoneKid is a smartphone aimed at children

A Spanish company called Escudo Web, has developed a smartphone aim specifically at kids. It was officially launched  at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona. The device is called PhoneKid and its main feature is the installed software. The phone uses a modified version of Android, which is designed specifically for children. The software allows parents, […]


Hologram in the new Volkswagen’s model – ID Vizzion

Volkswagen released a video teaser in which we can see the interior of its electric concept ID Vizzion. It is interesting that in the model, there is a hologram representing the interface of the multimedia system. ID Vizzion is equipped with two electric motors, whose power is 306 horsepower. They are powered by a battery […]

мозочен имплант подобрување меморија - brain implant memory boost

A brain implant that significantly improves memory

Scientists developed a brain implant, that noticeably boosted memory in its first serious test run. To test the implant, a team of scientists led by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University, recruited 25 patients who were clinically monitored for epilepsy, and for this goal, the device and its monitoring process required […]

вештачка интелигенција

Artificial intelligence can predict unexpected death in 90% of cases

Excel Medical, a medical technology firm in Florida, has produced artificial intelligence that can accurately predict whether a patient is at risk of sudden and unexpected death. Artificial intelligence can predict unexpected death in 90% of cases. For this software, scientists have integrated a data system for two million patients; from Stanford University Hospital and […]


Programmers develop technology to communicate with the dead

Computer technology will allow the relatives and friends of the victims to see again a loved one and communicate with him on simple themes. Programmers from Sweden are currently developing this technology. The “digital copy” will be able to discuss simple topics, but it will not be able to talk about something new, because the program is […]


Dubai will print villas with 3D technology

The first 3D printed villas in Dubai will be opened in April. The project is part of the 3D printing strategy, which aims to rewrite Dubai as a world’s 3D printing center by 2030. All the necessary equipment and tools needed for the construction are already in Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice […]