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Panorama is a software solution made of the newest technologies that provide the user with complete picture and complete information on the movement / standstill of the vehicles. Vehicles can be presented on a geographic map or in a spreadsheet with their current position (real time). At the same time, vehicles can be presented in the past timeframe and serve for future analysis and planning.



  • Seconds per seconds “live” preview of vehicles
  • Adjustable maps of the entire world
  • Four types of maps – OpenStreet, Google, Bing and Yahoo maps
  • A quick overview of the entire fleet of vehicles
  • Vehicle details: vehicle status data, vehicle speed and monument address

Detailed reports

Reports are adjustable by date range and by vehicle, and can be displayed by graphic or spreadsheet. Reports can be summarized, according to the traveled distance, according to the activity of the vehicles (driving, engine off,etc), at maximum speed, exceeding allowed speeds, according to visited points of interest, according to visited zones of interest, reconstruction of the movement. .. They can be downloaded in Excel format, PDF format or via e-mail.

Warnings and notifications

  • E- mail or SMS notification
  • Notification of exceeded speed
  • Warning of entering or exiting a predefined geographical area
  • Warning about visiting point of interest
  • Engine status warning
  • Motor blockage
  • Notification of the number of passengers
  • Optional: communication between drivers and power stations

Dispatching Center

PANORAMA allows dispatchers to know the exact location of each vehicle from the fleet at any time and manually or automatically find the nearest vehicle to a specific destination. This possibility results in the possibility of efficient routing of vehicles and reduces costs.

Maintenance of vehicles

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Full insight into the costs associated with the fleet of vehicles
  • Use of fuel and its consumption
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Reading the odmeter


  • Adjustment of reports
  • Vehicle information
  • Employees information
  • Setting points of interest
  • Setting up geographical zones

Creating orders

  • Creating the route of movement of vehicles
  • Tracking the movement of vehicles
  • Warning about leaving the route
  • Warning about non-compliance with route order