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Smart traffic lights that will collect traffic data

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паметни семафори

Over the next few years, around 1,200 traffic lights across Vienna will be equipped with 10,000 sensors, which will collect data on traffic, the environment and weather conditions.

The traffic lights will use Internet and have a constant power supply. They will communicate with each other, but they will also send important information to smartphones and navigation systems. Through them, real-time data will be constantly received for the environment and weather conditions as well as traffic flow. The data will be processed through Big Data Analytics, and will later be used to improve traffic and air quality.

The goal of the city administration is to provide all the traffic lights in Vienna with such sensors that will collect data that will be processed at the moment online. In the first phase, the sensors will serve to measure the temperature and humidity of the air, and in the next phase they will measure both the amount of harmful gases in the air and the noise of the traffic.